Deceased Estate Furniture Removal Service Melbourne

    When you’re working through the death of a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is deceased estate furniture removal and storage. For any deceased estate clearance, removing bulky items, like furniture and appliances, is one of the first jobs.

    At CleanUps, we provide professional deceased removal service across Melbourne. Our team of experienced movers will carefully pack and remove all furniture and appliances. We can then clean and pack the items and organise temporary storage, sale or disposal depending on your instructions.

    Besides furniture removal, we also provide a complete range of deceased estate services including deceased estate cleaning and clearance, minor repairs and house maintenance, yard cleaning and garden makeovers, rubbish removal and disposal, and house staging for rental or sale.

    deceased estate furniture removal

    Our cleaning, clearance and maintenance teams are experienced, professional and always sensitive to your situation. We understand the loss of a loved one and we work hard to make your path through this difficult time as easy as possible.

    For reliable and affordable deceased estate furniture removal in Melbourne,  you can trust the team at CleanUps.

    We all know dealing with contents and items of a deceased family member can be tough. People tend to overlook the fact there may be a few items that could be of some value while some items need to be disposed of quickly.

    Furniture removal in Melbourne, We work every day with the objective to make properties ready for sale, we try our best to eliminate any disruptions and burdens on our clients that may occur due to the mismanagement of deceased estate furniture.

    If you are responsible for managing deceased estate property, CleanUps can help. Our team will assist you in clearing up the property and removing unwanted furniture items. There are a lot of factors involved we need to consider before we create a strategy for furniture removal. We take away certain furniture items for recycling as well. Throughout our journey, no furniture disposal in Melbourne has been too difficult for our team to handle.

    Furniture Pick Up Melbourne

    We offer a complete suite of deceased estate house clearing and furniture pick up services across Melbourne. Based on your requirements, we only provide the services you need to thoroughly clear and prepare the property for rental or sale. That may include:

    We can also liaise on your behalf with moving companies, real estate agents, storage companies, tradespeople, rubbish disposal companies and any other professional services.

    Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service to help you through this difficult time.


    Whether you’re looking for furniture pick up, property clearance or deceased estate cleaning anywhere in Melbourne, contact the experts at CleanUps. Give us a call today on 0490 047 101 or contact us online to organise a site inspection and free quote.